Our mission at uuchiwa is to empower and elevate young professionals and businesses in Japan and North America to collaborate together more.

Over the past a few years, we’ve noticed there’s a huge disconnect between the two parties, especially in the context of business for younger generations. We have come to conclusion regarding its cause: there’s a lack of information about young Japanese professionals and businesses available in English.

Thus, we’ll spread information about young businesses and professionals in Japan to cultivate the collaboration between Japan and North America.

Meaning of the brand, uuchiwa

The word of Wa (わ) lays the foundation of our logo. Wa is the Japanese word that encompasses a wide variety of Japanese cultural symbols within, such as Japan (和), peace (和) and circle (輪).

With this foundation in mind, this brand, uuchiwa, is inspired by a Japanese word, “Uchiwa”, which has a dual meaning in Japanese: inner circle (内輪) and Japanese hand fan (団扇). While it seems the logo motif mostly features the Japanese hand fan, the primary intention behind the name is meant to embody the current situation that Japan has been facing in which Japan has been siloed from global market as shown by the word of inner circle, Uchiwa.

The circle is intentionally left open in the hopes that uuchiwa helps unveil the innerworkings of young Japanese professionals and businesses to help open up doors outside of Japan and the global market, thereby empowering them to collaborate together more. On a side note, the extra “u” is added to represent a W (Double-u) with the intent of Japan creating a relationship with the rest of the Western world.