Brand Design Investment & Japan


We sat down with Colin M Johnson, the founder of Omencraft®. With 25 years of professional experience in graphic design, Colin has led creative for many F500 brands, won industry design awards, and has created digital advertising design standards still used today. I asked him difference in brand design between Japan and the US.

How An Ex-Googler Spearheaded The Development Of Japanese Markets


Originally compiled in Japanese and posted on Touch-Base. We sat down with Yoko, the former Japanese Country Manager at Noom Inc. and now the founder and CEO of AVANT GARDE, a fashion e-commerce company that creates versatile, timeless basics that can keep a woman’s closet minimal and inspiring. To take a closer look at how・・・

The 3 Biggest Roadblocks into the Japanese Market

Japanese Business Tips

Originally posted on LinkedIn. Two years ago, I landed in Vancouver, Canada to expand my career opportunities. Ever since, I’ve noticed a couple sharp distinctions between North American and Japanese business ethics. If you’re planning on working with Japanese companies or professionals who were born and raised in Japan, you should know how they differ・・・

3 Major Differences in Work Culture Between the US and Japan


This article reflects an interview I had with Ash, a creative strategist and marketing consultant born in California and has been residing in Japan for eleven years. I asked him what are the distinctions in work culture between the US and Japan. Brief Profile: Ash Geary Ash is a creative strategist and marketing consultant, with・・・